Our Beliefs

Here at Nature's Charisma we believe that natural elements provided by God has placed things on earth to provide us with the most beautiful natural beneficial items to help us look and feel our best. We here believe that you can cure almost any disease or imperfections on the body based on ingredients that you can find all over the world. Come explore this journey with us as we travel the world to find the most popular yet most exotic and intricate things for you to enhance your everyday. Here at Natures Charisma, we have a plethora of items to choose from, such as body butters, lotions, creams, body washes, sugar scrubs, lip balms, you name it. We also specialize in custom orders as well. We hope that you enjoy our products as they are always made with natural Ingredients and love.



​The definition of ​​Charisma

"compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others: synonyms: charm · presence · personality · force of

personality · strength of character · magnetism · attractiveness · appeal · allure.

A divinely conferred power or talent."

(Source Oxford Dictionary)


​When I've came across the name ​Charisma I knew that this would be the perfect name for the company because everything about the meaning is what we embrace. Here at Nature's Charisma,

we want our customer's and consumers alike to channel and embrace this movement when using our natural products. ​

Nature's Charisma Believes that you can always find beauty in nature and that nature will always provide your basic needs when it comes to your overall wellbeing.

Here at Nature's Charisma Headquarters we use the most natural healthiest elements in our products for the most optimum experience and results!

Always remember:

Stay Beautiful Naturally!

Natural Beauty Always Starts from within!

The meaning behind the name ​"Nature's Charisma"

 Meet the founder of Nature's Charisma

Hello Gorgeous!


My name is Tanisha T. Bishop I am the Founder/ CEO of Nature's Charisma. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and what I am about.


Growing up in Pasadena CA, "The City of Roses' (Hence the meaning behind the logo) I've always been infatuated with bath and body products and would spend all of my allowance on beauty care items.


Growing up, I'd like to consider myself as the ultimate Naturalista. In 2014, I had an epiphany and started my natural hair journey, ridding all chemicals to straighten my hair. Since then, it has been a natural transition to start using natural beauty care items for the most optimal natural lifestyle.


In 2013-2014 I dreamt of creating my own natural hair care/skin care line. In 2016 (after long awaited years of procrastination) I've turned that dream into reality.


I believe That God has created natural elements in nature that can help

enhance our natural beauty, and most importantly, heal sickness, and gain the most optimal level of health so that we can look and feel our best. 


In due time, you can get to know more of me as I try to stay current on social media!



Tanisha B.



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